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Redesigns Whole Networking Experiences

Smart, dynamic and sustainable.

New generation of business cards.

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Uses New Technologies To Change Traditions.

Business cards contain highly important contact information to reach people. But traditional ways not always the best for saving this important data.

The physical cards are old, slow and static but the people ain't.


ItsMee uses different technologies to change networking habits. It keeps all the data always up to date and sustainable.


There are lots of futures get users cards, contacts and tractions.

Shifting Attendees To

The Participants. 

There won't be any front desk problems or long waitings in registration lines at the entrance.

ItsMee engages attendees before, during and after events.


Smart matchmaking system creates a unique opportunity to meet with other attendees.


Attendees can give feedbacks for organizers after each section or speak or overall. 


Produces Oxygen to Breath 

ItsMeeApp users produce 1.6 Liters of oxygen every day by using a digital business card instead of the physical ones. 


ItsMee will save 3.7 Billion Liters of Oxygen 3 years after lunch.


Every year thousands of trees cut for traditional business cards but the data on cards changes so rapidly. 


In this digital age, 27 Million business cards printed daily. It means 10 Billion cards per year. 

%88 of business cards thrown out in a week. 



We are still developing the ItsMeeApp. 
Before the release the final version, here some screenshots of our beta app.


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Üsküdar Fikir Sanat Merkezi


Barbaros Mahallesi, No:, Veysi Paşa Sk. No:14, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul



If you want to learn more please contact us.



[email protected]

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